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Terms & Conditions

By continuing to book an Escort through Sapphire Services Ltd you agree that you are at least 18 years old and agree to the following terms and conditions:

The meaning of some words used in these terms and conditions

1. “Agency” means Sapphire Services Ltd, a company incorporated in England and Wales under Company Registration Number (number) and having its registered office at (address). The Agency acts as an introduction and booking agent for Escorts.
2. “Booking” means a meeting between the Escort and the Client which is arranged by the Agency. 
3. “Client” means you, the person entering into a contract by Booking the Escort in accordance with these terms and conditions.
4. “Escort” means a self-employed person offering time and companionship to a Client in exchange for payment. The Escorts are self-employed and not employed by the Agency,
5. “Services” means the time and companionship offered by the Escort for which the Client makes a payment. For the avoidance of doubt this does not include sex or any sexual activity of any kind. Should any sexual activity take place between the Escort and the Client it is on the strict understanding that it does so on the basis of agreement between two consenting adults which falls outside the scope of these terms and conditions, and is not included within the Services offered by the Escort or the Agency. 
6. “Fee” means the amount payable by the Client for the Services provided by the Escort. 

2.  Entering into a legally binding contract

2.1.  A contract between you and the Escort will come into being where the Client and Agency, acting as the Escort’s Agent, agree orally a Booking for the Escort to provide Services. There will be a legally binding contract on the date of our oral agreement.
2.2.  The Agency suggest that before you orally agree to a Booking that you read through these terms and conditions. If you have any questions about these terms and conditions please ask the Agency.
2.3.  You should keep a copy of these terms and conditions for your records.

3.Providing the Services

3.1.  An Escort is not obliged to accept a Booking and can refuse to accept it for any reason. 
3.2. Once the Client has entered into a legally binding contract the Escort will on a date agreed between the Client and the Agency meet the Client at an agreed location for a set period of time. 
3.3. If for any reason the Escort is unable to provide the Services as agreed when the booking was made then the Agency will contact the Client either to:
3.3.1. re-arrange the booking for an alternative time, date or location; 
3.3.2. suggest an alternative Escort who would be available at the time, date and location previously agreed; or
3.3.3. alternatively, the Client may cancel the Booking without being required to pay the Fee.
3.4. If for any reason the Client wishes to cancel the Booking he should notify the Agency. If notice of the cancellation is given to the Agency less than [24 hours] before the Booking a cancellation fee of £50 will be payable by the Client. 
3.5 At any time after the Booking has commenced the Escort may decide to leave before the allocated time has expired [in which case a refund for the unused part of the Booking, subject to a minimum portion of the Fee equating to payment of one hour of the Escort’s time, will be made to the Client.

4. Payment of the Fee

4.1 The Escorts normally charge for their Services on a time spent basis. The Escorts charge for each hour or part thereof they spend with a Client. The Escort’s hourly rates for performing the Services are set out at []where?]
4.2 The Client can choose to make payment of the Fee in one of two ways, either:
4.2.1 in cash paid to the Escort at the start of the Booking; or
4.2.2 over the phone by Credit or Debit Card to the Agency before the Booking. 
The Client should confirm at the time of the Booking which payment method they prefer to use. 
4.3 The Client is responsible for all and any expenses incurred during the Booking including but limited to food, drinks, ticket/entry costs and should pay these expenses as and when they are incurred. 
4.4 During the course of a Booking the Client and Escort may agree to extend the Booking in which case the Client is required either to telephone the Agency to make further payment in respect of any extension agreed or pay the Escort in cash.
4.5 If the Client is unable to make payment in accordance with 4.2 above and the Escort attends the Booking then a cancellation fee as set-out in clause 3.4 will be payable by the Client.
4.6 All amounts stated (whether orally or in writing) are [inclusive/exclusive]of VAT.

4. Exclusion and limitation of liability

No liability will be accepted by Agency or the Escort for any loss, expense, damage or delay arising from any failure to provide a Client with all or part of the period of the Services and all conditions, warranties and representations express or implied by statute, common law or otherwise in relation to the provision of the Services are hereby excluded to the fullest extent permitted by law.  The Agency and Escort will be liable only for their own negligence or wilful misconduct in the provision of Services to the Client. The Escort shall only be liable for any loss or damage suffered by the Client which is a reasonably foreseeable consequence of a breach of these terms and conditions. In the event that any loss or damage suffered by the Client relates to business activities all liability is excluded and in particular all liability for loss of profits or other economic loss arising from a breach of these terms and conditions.

6. Information on the Website

6.1 The Agency makes no representations or warranties, whether express or implied in relation to the Data and Material (‘Web Information’) which is found on the Agency’s website. The Agency does not warrant that the Web information is complete, true or accurate.
6.2 The Agency will not be liable to the Client in relation to the contents of, or use of, or otherwise in connection with the Web Information for any direct, indirect, or consequential loss or for any business losses.

7. Communicating with the Agency

7.1 The Client can contact the Agency by telephone or email.
7.2 The Client should always contact the Agency in relation to any Booking and should not contact the Escorts directly. 
7.3 If the Client wishes to send the Agency any notice or letter then it needs to be sent to Sapphire Companions ltd, 2nd floor,Quayside tower,Broad street, Birmingham, BL 2HF. If the Agency wishes to contact the Client they will use the contact numbers provided when the Booking is made and or write to the Client at the address provided at the time of making the Booking.

8. Amendments to the terms and conditions

8.1 The Escort and the Agency have the right to amend these terms and conditions:
8.1.1 where they need to be amended in order to comply with changes in the law or for regulatory reasons; or
8.1.2 to correct any errors or omissions (and this right includes the right to change any of the documentation which forms part of the terms and conditions).

9. Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999

9.1 For the purposes of the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 this contract is not intended to, and does not, give any person who is not a party to it any right to enforce any of its provisions.

10. Law and jurisdiction

10.1 This contract shall be governed and construed by the law of England and all parties agree to submit to the jurisdiction of the Courts of England and Wales.

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